Spectacular Vancouver Island
Recommended Aircraft
PA28R, C182, M20R
Flight Summary
Navigate along a series of stunning mountainous valleys from Fort Rupert down to the Pacific coast
1h 15m
Uploaded By: zkdos
Flight Rules: VFR
Number of Stops: 1

Depart from CYZT, and fly east along the Johnstone Strait towards waypoint CORMO, just inland from the town of Port Mcneil.


Climb up to 5000 feet and you'll remain clear of the mountainus terrain that follows, with the GPS guidance turning you south to follow the valley carved out of the mountains by the slender shape of Nimpkish Lake.  Upon reaching it's far end, turn left and track towards the Woss (CAK4), before turning right again to follow the passage of another long thin waterway- Woss Lake.


Enjoy the beautiful steep mountain scenery on both sides of the aircraft, with Merlon Peak out to your right being the secondd highest summit of Haihte Range on the northern Vancouver Island. Cross the pass at WP3 and continue to follow the river carved valley southbound towards the settlement of Tahsis.

WP4 marks a turn to the left, following a new valley south east to WP5 and WP6. Look out for the rugged shape of Malaka Peak out of the left hand side of the cockpit half way along this leg.


From WP6, you'll be back over the water briefly, at the far reaches of the Nootka Sound. Contine tracking across these fingers of water in a south east direction for 12 more miles, before flying back into the mountains to traverse the Sydney Inlet Provincial Park, Flores Island and Vargas Island.


Crossing Vargas Island should see you within VHF range of our destination Tofino Airport (CYAZ). Request a full stop landing, then break off the flight plan to enter the circuit pattern as advised by the tower. At a cruise speed of 130 knots, this trip takes 1 hour 12 minutes. I reccomend setting your sim date to mid March, with late afternoon depature (1600 local time) and 'Mid Level Clouds' weather preset for beauitful flight conditions. 

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Just Flight PA28R (Paid Add-on)
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