Northern Germany - Brick Gothic and Hanse Cities
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Recommended Aircraft
The route has about 400 miles and six landings. We want to cruise with about 170 knots which gives us a good variety of suitable airplanes.
Flight Summary
A flight taking in the sites of Northern Germany. What an impressive area. Church spires and windmills. Busy ports and detailed bridges. Lighthouses and castles. Classic traditional architecture in the old cities. Some nice airports. And seaside resorts to begin and finish the flight!
4h 19m
Flight Rules: VFR
Number of Stops: 5

We depart from Westerland/Sylt (EDXW), Germany's northernmost island. We had east and follow the Danish-German Border to Flensburg-Schaeferhaus (EDXF). After departure we make a tour over the city of Flensburg [City] before we turn south towards Schleswig. We continue to Eckernfoerde and follow the "Kieler Foerde" to land at Kiel (EDHK). After departure we fly over the city of Kiel [City] and head east. We fly around the island of Fehmarn, and on the way back to the mainland we cross the Fehmarnsund Bridge [Bridge]. The next point of interest is Travemünde [WP9], the harbor of Luebeck. We overfly the city of Luebeck [City], a second circle around the old town is recommended! Next stop is Luebeck Blankensee (EDHL).


We continue south and then east again to visit the city of Schwerin with the Castle [Castle]. We land at the small airport at Pinnow (EDBP). From here we head north-west to reach the Baltic coast again. We pass a large house [Castle], visit the little town at the coast and turn towards Wismar. We overfly the the old town [City] and turn north-east again. We pass over a couple of houses and a lighthouse [House, WP12, WP13, Lighthouse] and visit the old villages of Kuehlungsborn and Heiligendamm, very popular for a summer vacation at the Baltic Sea. Next up are Warnemuende [WP16] and Rostock [WP17] before we land at Purkshof (EDCX). We follow the coast to the northern-most point of the Darss-Zingst Bodden chain before turning towards Stralsund. This is the first opportunity to cut short if we are running out of time. 


We overfly the city of Stralsund [City] and the new bridge to the island of Ruegen [Bridge]. If we still have time, we make a tour around the island and pass over the town of Putbus [WP22] and the seaside resort of Binz and Prora [Prora], the mile-long building. Further points of interest are the harbor and town of SassnitzCastle Ranzow [Castle] and finally the Cap Arcona lighthouse. Destination is the airport of Ruegen (EDCG).


Scenery MSFS: With the exception of Pinnow (EDBP), all airports are in the MSFS database. 


Set the simulator at 3:00pm local. Real weather.


Credit: Viking01 (avsim)

Flight Altitudes
Recommended Add-ons
Flensburg City
EDHK Kiel-Holtenau
Lübeck (Luebeck) Landmarks
EDBP Schwerin-Pinnow
Megapack German Castles Châteaux Allemands
Wismar Landmarks
Rostock City Scenery
EDCX Purkshof
Ruegen Bridge Stralsund
Stralsund Landmarks
Westerland/Sylt Regional Airport (EDXW)
EDHK Lights & Objects
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