About this site

This site is a passion project built by Blue Feather. We're experts at building web applications with rich user interaction. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us on your project.

All of the flight plans on this site are contributed by the community. The more people which contribute the more useful this site will be for everyone. Please share any interesting flights you come across in Flight Simulator.

How to fly the flight plans

Flight plans are posted on this site as PLN or FLT files. You can download these flight plan files using the "Download" button on each flight plan's page and then load them using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 using the steps below:

  1. Click the download button on the flight plan you're interested in to download the flight plan file for that flight. You may save this file anywhere on your computer. Your downloads folder or desktop may be easy locations to load the file from in the next few steps.
  2. Open Flight Simulator and select the "World Map" option from the main welcome screen.
  3. Click the "LOAD/SAVE" button at the bottom of the world map screen.
  4. Select "LOAD" from the dialog which opens up.
  5. Select the file you downloaded from World Tour Flights. The flight plan should load and you should see the route on your world map.
  6. Select your aircraft, weather, and time using the regular options in MSFS.
  7. Click the "FLY" button to begin your flight!

How to contribute to the site

World Tour Flights is community-driven, and everyone is welcome to post flight plans. To do so, you'll first need to create an account on the site. Once you're logged in you can use the "UPLOAD FLIGHT PLAN" button at the top of the page to post your flight plan file in either FLT or PLN formats.

Creating flight plan files

You may create flight plan files using whatever tools you like which can output in one of the accepted formats. You can create flight plan files directly in Microsoft Flight Simulator or using other flight planning software, such as Little Navmap.

Contribution Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below when posting flight plans to World Tour Flights:

  • Flight plan files must be posted in FLT or PLN formats.
  • Each flight plan must include a short summary of the flight to describe what users will see or experience on the flight.
  • You must upload a cover image for your flight plan. This should be an in-game screenshot showing off how interesting your flight plan is. You may upload other images to show off your flight plan. A interactive map of your flight plan will be generated automatically, so you don't need to include one in your uploaded images.
  • A "Long Description" field is provided to allow you to give specific directions for your flight. Some good information to include in the long description might be
    • Recommended altitudes, flight dates/times, and weather recommendations
    • Guidance on landmarks, directions, references, or things to know to have a successful flight
    • Interesting information about the locations or scenery which people will be seeing
  • It is recommended to select environments and a region for your flight plan. This will help users find it when they are searching. You may select more than one environment for your flight, but only one region. Your flight plan will not show up in search results by environment or region if you have not selected any environments or a region, so it's very helpful to include this information.
  • You may recommend any add-ons which will make your flight plan more enjoyable, such as scenery add-ons. These may be free or paid add-ons, though any paid add-ons should be marked as such using the provided checkbox.

Flight plans by commercial entities promoting paid add-ons

If you are a commercial add-on creator and would like to post flight plans featuring your paid add-ons, please contact us about creating a sponsored posting.