Papua, Indonesia supply delivery - "Worst Place to be a Pilot"
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Cessna Grand Caravan
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Featured in the documentary series "Worst Place to be a Pilot," the mountains of Papua, Indonesia are one of the most dangerous places to fly in the world. Low visibility around corners of high mountains to your sides make for a very difficult approach and landing.
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Flight Rules: VFR
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Background Information


Susi Air is an Indonesian airline which flies essential supplies and passengers to native tribes in the mountains of Papua, Indonesia. Roads are virtually non-existent, and so aircraft are the only ways to get food and necessities into the mountains. The airline is known for hiring inexperienced pilots from western countries who can't get jobs with the major airlines and are looking to get flight experience. Inexperienced pilots combined with very difficult terrain means that this region has a much higher aircraft accident and fatality rate than you would find with US or European flights.


You can watch the documentary series Worst Place to be a Pilot to learn more about the challenges that pilots in this region face when delivering cargo to these remote regions.


Flight Information


Your takeoff on this flight will be pretty normal, but prepare to ascend to around 9000 feet to clear the mountains you'll be going through on your way to your remote Papuan village.


The landing on runway 3 will be very challenging. Your destination is a short dirt strip nested on the side of the mountain with a very short approach. You'll need to weave through the mountains on your way to the runway to stand a chance of coming in slow enough. Be sure to come in slow and touch down early to be able to stop in time. If you like, you can attempt a short takeoff and quick ascent and head back to your home base.

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