New Zealand Local Series: Whanganui River Bush Trip
Recommended Aircraft
C172, C172, DA40, X-Cub
Flight Summary
Follow NZ's longest navigable waterway as it twists and turns through rugged native bush clad mountainsides
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Flight Rules: VFR
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The Whanganui River (pronouced Wong-Ah-Noo-Ee) is the longest navigatable river in New Zealand and has been an important travel through through the rugged inaccessable interior of the North Island for hundreds of years. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, a steamboat service operated from the coastal port of Whanganui, from where the river gets its name, up to the central township of Tauranamui (pronouced Towl-Ra-Ma-Noo-Ee), where travellers could connect to road and rail services to get them north to the main city of Auckland.

This bush flight recreated the steamboat service route, with the GPS waypoints lined up along the meandering course of the river. It is reccomended to be hand flown rather than on autopilot, as there are very few segments that where your wings will actually be level! For an extra challange, try and stay below 2000 feet all the way to NZTM!

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