Grand Canyon / Hoover Damn Tour
Recommended Aircraft
Medium Speed GA, Beechcraft Barron/Bonanza, DA62, Extra,
Flight Summary
A flight along the Grand Canyon following the Colorado River and ending up at Hoover Damn. Start off at Page Municipal Airport (KPGA) and land at Las Vegas Mc Carran International Airport (KLAS).
1h 30m
Uploaded By: FlyingPir8
Flight Rules: IFR
Stops: 0
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Nice flight from Page Municipal Airport (KPGA) to Las Vegas Mc Carran International Airport (KLAS) throught the Grand Canyon over the Colorado River.  Recommended altitude of 8,000 ft. or turn off the auto-pilot and fly as low as you can go.  Reccomend a medium speed GA aircraft if you plan to fly low in the canyon.  The flight ends over the Hoover Damn with a landing at the Sin City airport. (KLAS).

Flight Altitudes
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