Peru: Jorge Chavez Intl (SPJC) to Tnte Fap Alejandro Velazco Ast (SPZO) via Machu Picchu
Recommended Aircraft
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX
Flight Summary
Get that oxygen mask ready because we are going to the breathtakingly stunning Peruvian Andes for some panoramic flying!
2h 30m
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Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 4
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You will start at the large western coast town of Lima at Jorge Chavez Intl (SPJC) and fly north east quickly ascending along the spectacular Chaclacayo valley.

At the small village of La Oroya you will make a right turn and make your way to your first stop: Jauja Airport (SPJJ).

You will continue the flight south east towards Santa Rosa District where you will perform a touch and go at the (currently comically elevated) Luisiana Airport (SPLA) before landing a few short miles beyond at San Francisco Airport (SPPE).

Continuing, the route will weave its way through the steep valleys to the challenging Kiteni Airport (SPKI), this will be your third stop.

For the final leg you will be approaching the ancient and majestic site of Machu Picchu! But it’s tricky to get to. Stay high and miss it? Or keep low and weave through the dangerous valleys?

Once passed Machu Picchu, you will follow the flight plan south east through to the large town of Cusco until you reach your destination airport: Tnte Fap Alejandro Velazco Ast (SPZO).

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