A tour thru the heart of Venezuela. Small strips, big mountains, beautiful views.
This flight plan has not been rated.
Recommended Aircraft
Caravan or smaller. Needs altitude and short fields.
Flight Summary
Grab a Caravan or something that can move cargo and make deliveries to these outskirt fields... and yes, most are fields...11 stops in all, the last being one of the toughest landings I've ever attempted in a 208.
2h 30m
Uploaded By: MajorBoredom484
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 11
Downloads: 297

This is a beautiful part of the world I've never seen.  Fantastic mountain ranges, vast plains, and if you're brave, some crazy weather.  All strips are primitive, except the first and last... and barely at that.  Recommend you fly over the fields before putting it down, they aren't always what you'd expect. 

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