New Zealand Local Series: Volta Glacier Landing
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Recommended Aircraft
X-Cub Alpine
Flight Summary
Land a ski equipped X-Cub on the Volta Glacier
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Flight Rules: VFR
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Depart from the sealed runway at Wanaka, and climb westbound over the lake towards the braided river mouth of the Matukituki River. Follow the steep sided bush clad gorge, ascending to 8000 feet in order to orbit the peak of Mt Aspiring, found at the head of the valley.


As you come around in a clockwise direct around the summit, you’ll reach waypoint POPON. Cut the power, extend flaps, and descend down towards the uphill slopes of the Volta Glacier for landing on the snow.

Apply a bit of power on short final and use your momentum to continue along the snow uphill before carefully slowing down to taxi pace and bringing the aircraft around in a 180 degree turn to point back down hill.


Lift back off from the glacier and climb up towards 7000 feet to waypoint 7, where a low saddle between the mountain tops will lead you back into the Matukituki valleys and back towards Wanaka.


For an extra challenge, try making a riverbed landing at waypoint 14!

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Bush League Legends X-CUB ALPINE
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