Santiago – Valparaiso and Small Strips
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Like cruise around South America shall we.
3h 10m
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 10
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We start in Santiago, departing from Eulogio Sanchez (SCTB) to the north towards Cerro Alverado.  The route then turns west and follows Avenue Presidente Kennedy towards the Mapocho River and the Constanera Center (the tallest building in South America). Following the course of the Mapocho past the Torre Telefónica and then continue to the west 28nm for our first landing at Aerodromo De Curacavi (SCCV).

Next are the four small airstrips near Casablanca, then on to Rodelillo Airport (SCRD) located on a hill above Valparaiso.  Flying down a ravine to the Pacific coast we follow the rugged coastline around the headland and tour the harbor of Valparaiso.  Head past the beaches for a landing at Vina Del Mar (SCVM).  It is only 16 miles to our next landing at Olmué Airport (SCOM).

The legs get longer from this point and we may try some formation flying during this final section of the route as we head north away from Santiago. Avoiding terrain it is around 37 miles to our next landing at El Algarrobo Airport (SCDL).  Heading northeast towards the Pacific we land at Pichidangui Airport (SCDI) next to Highway 5.  The final leg takes us past the town of Illapel to our destination airport Auco (SC1B) or (SCIL).


Credit: jt_williams (avsim)

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Costanera Center Santiago de Chile
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