PAYA to PAGS - Glacier route through Southeastern Alaska and parts of Canada
Recommended Aircraft
Daher TBM 930
Flight Summary
A scenic route taking you from Yakutat (PAYA) to Gustavus (PAGS) via glaciers, ice streams and the Glacier Bay.
Uploaded By: Mike_H
Flight Rules: VFR
Number of Stops: 0

This scenic route will take you from Yakutat (PAYA) to Gustavus (PAGS) via glaciers and ice streams and the Glacier Bay. You will at first fly over Harlequin Lake and over Yakutat and Novatak glaciers. Then you'll follow the Alsek River and fly southeast over Melbern and Grand Pacific glaciers. Then you'll pass Russel Island and turn northeast to the Queen Inlet. You'll come over Plateau Glacier and then follow the shores of Glacier Bay to your destination, Gustavus airport. With Daher TBM930 the route will take ca. 40 mins. Flying altitude of 3000 ft will take you safely through the whole flight route. I suggest flying during the daylight and in good visibility to be able to enjoy the spectacular views. Just switch on the autopilot with NAV mode and enjoy!

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