The Beautiful Basque Country 2/3. The Heartlands.
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From Pamplona to Vitoria, the Basque 'Capital', then north and then east back to the coast to San Sebastian (Donostia), the Basque 'Culinary Capital', before going on to land at San Sebastian airport which is actually in Irun/Hendaye on the French/Spanish border, a town i unintentionally ended up staying in twice 8 years apart, border split towns are always odd.
1h 10m
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Flight Rules: VFR
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From Pamplona at 1500ft we fly North West then left up the Arakil River valley. 3,500ft will do. Then we cross over from Navarra to the administrative Basque country and the capital Vitoria, where we head North between the two artificially created lakes up to Bagara (over the home of a very good friend), where we turn East across a valley full of unpronouncable towns and villages and eventually head north again to the Coast.

After Vitoria you may want to climb to 4.500ft.

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