Vancouver Intl to Seattle Intl
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Recommended Aircraft
Diamond DA62
Flight Summary
A short hop but taking in lots of the stunning inlets, islands and waterways from Vancouver to Seattle, taking in Victoria on the way. Recommended altitude 3500 Feet.
Uploaded By: Cloudrider
Flight Rules: IFR
Number of Stops: 0

Starting at Vancouver International (CYVR) in amongst all the big boys, we depart flying south west, jumping cross the water towards Long Harbour with Victoria to the south. Then we pick up the low level VA40 airway south over Victoria International, passing the infamous Friday Harbour off our port side. Keep tracking south taking in the beautiful inlets and mountains all around, with Mount Rainier now in imposing in the distance directly in front of us. Shortly you will start to see the city of Seattle on our port side, pin pointed by the world famous Space Needle. Now it's time to pick up an RNAV or ILS procedure into Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA). Enjoy.

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