The Beautiful Basque Country. 3/3. The Coast.
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From the Culinary Capital of the Basque's, San Sebastian to the Basque's Capital of the World, Bilbao, (the arrogance abounds, but the place and people are fantastic). The Coast is filled with little inlets and towns, but we pop inland to visit Guernica, the place of Franco/Hitler's experiment in aerial bombardment of a civilian population and immortalized by Picasso.
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Flight Rules: VFR
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Turning right out of Irun/Hendaye we double back inland to the coast at San Sebastian.

We fly along the coast until the Debar River which we follow inland to Eibar and Durango (the only place in flight simulator that seems to have been improved from reality!).

From Durango you can make out Bilbao airport but we fly North to Guernica an ancient Basque meeting place and more recent history. From there we fly to the coast at Bermeo. one of those coastal inlets.

We continue across the headland to Plentzia (a place i can't recommend enough, great beach, lovely town, fantastic bars) and on to Getxo a coastal suburb of Bilbao where we turn left to Bilbao Airport.. Unfortunately is lacking some of its stunning highlights in the sim otherwise i would have taken you for a quick tour.

2,500ft should do you for this flight.

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