RĂ©union Island
Recommended Aircraft
Beechcraft Bonanza, Cirrus SR22, Diamond DA62
Flight Summary
Take a tour around a spectacular volcanic island in the Indian Ocean
Uploaded By: zkd0s
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 1
Downloads: 1133

RĂ©union Island in the Indian Ocean is an overseas terratory of France.

The island's geography is extreame, with huge calderas, massive rift valleys, and high altitude volcanic plateaus are like something out of science fiction! The MSFS World Update 4 included a higher resoultion DEM which shows of the island at its very best.

Make sure you fly this flight with an aircraft capable of climbing quickly to 9000 feet to clear the peaks, and set your sim time to late afternoon to enjoy beautiful lighting and long shadows over the rugged terrain below.

Flight Altitudes
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