Lakes in the Empty Quarter
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Recommended Aircraft
JMB VL-3, or Vertigo by GotGravel
Flight Summary
Fly above lakes in the Empty Quarter. Stay below 1000ft and zizag between the dunes!
Uploaded By: SlimSegi
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 0
Downloads: 640

Loop from Aradah to Aradah, flying around huge star dunes and visiting lakes in the empty quarter, in Saudi Arabia. Vertigo highly recommended. Try to stay below 1000ft all along and zizag at full speed between the dunes. Really fun! The Rub' al Khali, also known as the Empty Quarter, is the sand desert encompassing most of the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula. The desert covers some 650,000 kmĀ² including parts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. It is part of the larger Arabian Desert.

Flight Altitudes
Recommended Add-ons
Vertigo - Turbo Prop Racer by GotGravel
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