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Back to the Future Filming Locations in Los Angeles
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Back to the Future LA Helicopter Tour!

  1. KWHP
  2. LYON85 - Entrance to the McFly's development (1985)
  3. McFly - Marty's House (next to the power tower)
  4. BANDS - Battle of the Bands location (Burbank’s McCambridge Recreation Center)
  5. BK - Burger King next to Doc's Garage (Garage was just a temporary facade)
  6. CLOCK - The Courthouse Clock Tower (Universal Backlot)
  7. DANCE - Gym used for 1955 dance (Hollywood United Methodist Church)
  8. TUNNEL - BTTF2 tunnel (Griffith Park)
  9. START - Road where "start here" is painted on the ground (also Griffith Park)
  10. BROWNEXT - Exterior of Doc's 1955 Mansion & Garage (Gamble House)
  11. BROWNINT - Interior scenes of Doc's 1955 Mansion (Blacker House)
  12. TREE - Lorraine & George's 1955 street, and the tree he falls out of
  13. SCHOOL - Slacker! (Whittier High School)
  14. MALL - Site of first time travel experiment (Puente Hills Mall)
  15. LYON55 - 1955 version of Lyon Estates development entrance
  16. KCNO
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