Alaska Glacier Landing South of Denali - "Pika Glacier"
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Alaska Glacier Landing South of Denali - Duplicates a trip I chartered in 2006.
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See Video for a hint at how to do this successfully.  Real 2006 Bush Pilot Landing

Fly out of and return to Talkeetna Alaska.  Fly West towards the Alaska Range.  You will need about 7,300 feet to clear the ridge on entry to your landing site flyover from the North.  It's a sharp left.  See the marks on the Google Earth map in the pictures.  After crossing the ridge to do your flyover, start a descent to about  6,000 feet to set up your approach.  After the site flyover make a right turn after clearing the mountian and fly over the wide glacier in front of you to make a U-turn on to a base-like leg for your approach.  You want this approach to be as slow as possible.  Your touch down point is at about 5,500 feet.  Descend slowing remembering that the glacier you are flying on to has a considerable slope!  The last waypoint on the high point of the landing zone is where you should end your roll out.  The touch down point is a bit before that.  Landing long or short here has really bad consequences. 

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