Guittara de Arboles
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Pedro Martin Ureta created a piece of land art so that it could be viewed from an airplane.
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In the fertile lowland plains of Argentina (the Pampas), a guitar-shaped forest grows amidst the farmland. The project was started in 1979 by Ureta on his farm near the town of Laboulaye, and it has become a wonder for pilots and passengers flying over the region. Together with his children, Ureta created the forest in a tribute to his wife, Graciela, who died during childbirth in 1977. News reports claim that Ureta has never seen his creation from the air, except for photos from friends.

This flight takes you from aeropuerto Villa Mercedes over the guitar forest and then back to aeropuerto Rio Cuarto. I did the trip with the DC6 which takes about 40 minutes, but basically any plane will do. The forest can be easily seen from 12.000ft or above (Even from space!). There are smaller airfields closer by should you want to use a smaller aircraft at lower altitudes.

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