New Zealand Local Series: Franz Joseph Glacier Landing
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Recommended Aircraft
C172 Skiplane
Flight Summary
Land a skiplane on Franz Joseph Glacier, in New Zealand's South Island
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Flight Rules: IFR
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Take a ski equipped aircraft on this short flight from the tourist town of Franz Joseph, and climb up along the nearby glacier of the same name for a snowfield touchdown at it's head, up at 8200 feet above sea level.


In the real world, both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft based at NZFJ frequently take passengers on this same flight plan. Upon arrival at the snowfield, the views down the glacier out to sea are incredible.


Suggested setup for the flight is as follows:

  • Time: early morning (8.30am / August ) for best lighting
  • Weather: scattered clouds, base around 9000 feet, tops around 18,000 feet
  • Be sure to set snow coverage to 1 or 2cm depth in order to be able to land with the skis on the snowfield
Flight Altitudes
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Orbx NZ Mesh (Paid Add-on)
Mikeaat NZ Mesh
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