World Update 6 Highlights: The German/Austrian Border
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C172, PA28
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Experience Lake Constance, the German Alpine foothills & Nueschwanstein castle
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Flight Rules: IFR
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Thanks for MSFS forum member Archer374 for the suggestion of places to visit in his home country.


Depart Friedrichshafen adjacent to Lake Constance, and follow its shoreline anti clockwise overhead the city of Konstanz (modelled by photogrammetry) towards St Gallen for a landing (LSZR). This airport has been modelled in detail as part of World Update 6 and worth a full stop landing to explore.


Take off again, and continue circuiting the lake edge, over Bregenz and Insel, before climbing up to 6000 feet and following the GPS course eastbound towards Füssen.


Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the alpine foothills and quaint medieval townships below, and once Füssen comes into view, descend down towards the terrain for a flyby of the iconic Nueschwanstein castle. As you follow the contours of the hills it sits on, you'll pick up the Lech river that will lead you through a narrow valley to land at Hoefen airport (LOIR), in the town of Reutte.


(Note: This flightplan is saved in IFR format to remove annoying TIME CLIMB and TIME APPROACH MSFS generates when importing VFR plans)

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[LOIR] - Reutte-Höfen Airport, Austria
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