World Update 6 Highlights: Amazing Austrian Alps
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Turbocharged PA28 or Cirrus SR22
Flight Summary
This flight plan will help you understand why Jorg Newman was so excited about the terrain data Microsoft were sitting on for the Alps!
1h 30m
Uploaded By: zkdos
Flight Rules: IFR
Stops: 2
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Picking up where the last flight left off (World Update 6 Highlights: The German/Austrian Border), we depart from Reutte, and weave eastwards through the Alps, passing Zugspitze (Germany's highest mountain) and the ski resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, before popping out into Inntal valley to make a landing at Innsbruck (LOWI).


After a touch and go, follow the course of the valley north east up towards Kufstein, then pay close attention to the GPS flight plan as the route weaves through several steep valleys amongst the piercing mountain tops marking the Austrian German border.


Eventually you will reach the Berchtesgaden National Park and will need to climb up to 9000 feet to circle the impressive peaks of Watzmann and Hochkalter before commencing a descent over the Königssee lake to then land at nearby Salzburg.


(Note: This flightplan is saved in IFR format to remove annoying TIME CLIMB and TIME APPROACH MSFS generates when importing VFR plans)

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