Recommended Aircraft
Any GA around 110KTS
Flight Summary
Arakis, desert... no no no, we are going to Düne on Helgoland more like a water world.. There are no Fremen, they are Friesen..
Uploaded By: ColKlink
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 3
Downloads: 172

So, today we are foing from Hamburg (EDDH) to Düne (EDXH) On the way we are stopping in Bremerhaven (EDWB) Harle (EDXP) and Wangerooge (EDWG) On the way to Helgoland, see if you can find the Rote Sand (Red Sand) Lighthouse for a blue Peter badge. At Düne airport there are 3 runways to choose from depending on conditions...

Beginner: 15 <-> 33 Intermediate: 03 <-> 21 Jedi Master: 06 <-> 24

Flight Altitudes
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