Flying Down to Rio
This flight plan has not been rated.
Recommended Aircraft
Any aircraft capable of cruising at 210-220knts. Be advised, there are a couple of airports with shortish runways (3000ft) and tricky approaches
Flight Summary
Checking out the sights of Brazil.
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 5
Downloads: 130

Starting from São Pedro da Aldeia (SBES) we head for Rio de Janeiro. EVSOB is the initial approach fix for our visit to Rio de Janeiro.

Fly past Sugar Loaf on your left and do a circuit around the bay to appreciate the many fine views before landing at Santos Dumont (SBRJ).

Departing Santos Dumont we will fly over Botafogo (to the right of Sugarloaf – please don’t hit the cable car) and out to the beaches of the Copacabana and Ipanema. I am told the sight-seeing opportunities in this area are outstanding.

The route continues down the Atlantic coast with stops at Santa Cruz AB (SBSC), Angra Dos Reis (SDAG), and Ubatuba (SDUB).

Our penultimate stop is the Port of Santos (SBST), the busiest container port in Latin America. The final leg will require a quick climb over the escarpment of the Serra do Mar and then on to the largest city in South America and our destination São Paulo.

We will land at very busy Congonhas Intl (SBSP) located on high ground surrounded by buildings in the downtown district.

Credit: jt_williams (avsim)

Flight Altitudes
Recommended Add-ons
SDAG - Angra dos Reis Regional Airport
SDUB - Gastão Madeira Regional Airport
SBST - Base Aérea de Santos
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