New Zealand Local Series: Doubtful Sound Discovery
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Recommended Aircraft
Bush aircraft, with floats
Flight Summary
Fly over the most remote corner of New Zealand, the original setting for the opening scenes of Jurassic Park!
1h 30m
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Flight Rules: IFR
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Take off from Lake Te Anau Seaplane Base (NXSP, freeware addon scenery linked below) at the fringe of the Fiordland National Park and follow the GPS course in an anti clockwise circuit around the rugged and remote south western corner of the country.


Track initially via the Waiau River towards the beautiful mountain frindge Lake Manaporui, and then fly towards its western arm which is home to the underground hydroelectric power station. Continue through the Wilmot Pass to the head of Deep Cove, Doubtful Sound, aiming to fly at around 3000 feet AMSL.


Follow the waterway towards the ocean, then break left to follow the Crooked Arm, over the Narrow Neck land bridge, then out along Dagg Arm to the Tasman Sea coast. A left turn at WP14 will turn you south towards Breaksea Island, which upon reaching you will turn left again into the mouth of Breaksea Sound.


Break off into the Archeron passage, splitting Resoultion Island to your right with the mainland to your left, then enter Dusky Sound and track towards its head. WP21 will turn you right over some high elevation lakes near the Heath Mountains, requiring a climb up to 5000 feet, before Lake Hauroko opens up ahead of you.


Follow the course of this steep sided lake back to the souwest, before reaching its far shores, and turning north towards WP33. You’ll need to climb to at least 3600 feet to clear the ridges of the Kaherekoau Mountains before dropping down into Lake Monowai, following the valley system it lies within back to the north.


WP39 will see you arrive back over the South Arm of Lake Manapouri, and a left turn as it opens out into the main body of the lake will see you facing back towards Manapouri airport to land if desired, otherwise the pontoon you started from is 5nm north next to the township of Te Anau.


Some of the ground textures stretched over the terrain don’t look fantastic with the current Bing Maps data so it is recommended to set some misty and cloudy conditions to simulate conditions often seen here in real life.


(Note: This flightplan is saved in IFR format to remove annoying TIME CLIMB and TIME APPROACH waypoints that MSFS generates when importing VFR plans)

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Recommended Add-ons
Orbx NZ Mesh (Paid Add-on)
New Zealand Flora (Paid Add-on)
Lake Te Anau Seaplane Base
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