Mountains of India - Ladakh - OPSD to VIKL
Recommended Aircraft
King Air, TBM 930 or similar
Flight Summary
Fly in the Indian mountain region Ladakh.
Uploaded By: darshonaut
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 2
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Fly in the Indian mountain region Ladakh.

You are indeed starting out in Pakistan, but only a short time. The rest of the flight is the territory of India.

To land in LEH (VILH), you will have to do a flyover and fly a 360° pattern over the valley. Coming down from the mountainside it’s rather impossible to land in the path of the route directly.

The airports have long runways, but are located in the mountains, some are at over 10.000 feet altitude.

Flight Time calculation: 120 min. with a King Air or TBM 930 or similar. Calculated time includes landing at the airports in between. Time for a refrigerator break is also included in the calculation.

Variation: add 10 cm of Snow for a Winter Experience.

May you enjoy the flight :)

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