Discover Japan - Part 04: Shikoku to Hiroshima (RJOM to RJOA)
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We leave Shikoku behind us and head back to the main island of Honshu where we will fly over centuries of history.
1h 30m
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Start your flight in summer season, early in the morning. I recommend to set the weather to "few clouds" and to fly around 5000 ft.

  • As we leave Shikoku Island we see to our right some of the many small inland sea islands. The larger ones are inhabited – mostly by fishermen and some farmers too. In the distance, the main island of Honshu appears.
  • Spending a bit of time over the coastline of Suo-Oshima, we head over to the main island.
  • After flying over Otake we head again out for an island. On this island, there is a very famous shrine, the Itsukushima shrine with it’s iconic landmark, the Torii (gate) in the water. You have seen it on many wallpapers. This time, Asobo did it right! You can see the torii on your left side!
  • We continue towards Hiroshima, which is of course known worldwide for – well you know. Asobo on the other hand did not even bother placing a POI for the peace park, the atomic dome etc… But we do have a POI for the Mazda Stadium… I guess we can do better next time 😊
  • Shortly after leaving Hiroshima behind us we will land to the airport of Hiroshima which is to our right.
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