Discover Japan - Part 08: Ise to Shizuoka (RJOE to RJSZ)
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Leaving Ise we follow now the coastline north up to Nagoya, turn south again to fly over Hamamatsu and landing at Shizuoka. Mount Fuji is waiting in the distance
2h 15m
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Start your flight in summer season, early in the morning. I recommend to set the weather to "few clouds" and to fly around 5000 ft.

  • Today we fly from Ise up north along the coastline to reach Nagoya, one of Japans large metroplitan areas
  • As Osaka and Kyoto are nearby, not many tourists will ever see Nagoya - where as you will fly all over it!
  • Going now south towards Hamamatsu, following the famous Tokaido Shinkansen Express Train line
  • Our today's destination is Shizuoka, a beautiful place near Mount Fuji which we will visit tomorrow! Promise ;-)

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