Discover Japan - Part 10: Niigata to Aomori (RJSN to RJSA)
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Today, we venture up to the north alongside the coastline of the Sea of Japan
2h 50m
Uploaded By: MerlinCH65
Flight Rules: IFR
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Start your flight in summer season, early in the morning. I recommend to set the weather to "few clouds" and to fly around 5000 ft.

  • After leaving Niigata we venture up to the north along the coastline of the Sea of Japan
  • As we fly up to the north we pass several small coastal towns - this area of Japan is very sparsely populated
  • Towards the end of our flight we approach another impresssive volcano, Mount Iwaki
  • To its feet, the city of Hirosaki and its beautiful castle invites for a brief fly-over


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