Discover Japan - Part 11: Aomori to Okushiri (RJSA to RJEO)
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Experience the north of the main island of Honshu and fly to the Island of Okushiri
1h 15m
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Flight Rules: IFR
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Start your flight in summer season, early in the morning. I recommend to set the weather to "few clouds" and to fly around 5000 ft.

  • As we take of from Aomori we bank to our left to follow the coastline up towards the north, leaving behind to the right the US Base "Mizawa", the largest "spy base" of the US in the world
  • Leaving behind us the pittoresque little village of Imabetsu behind us, we get ready to cross over to the island of Hokkaido, which is connected by an underwater tunnel to the main island of Honshu
  • Arriving at Fukushima, which is not the same village as the City of Fukushima we all know from the news
  • Okushiri will be our place to stay over night. Hope there is a hotel or B&B nearby! There are only 2600 people living on this small island!


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