Discover Japan - Part 12: Okushiri to Sapporo (RJEO to RJCO)
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After a quiet night on Okushiri we are now venturing far to the north - to the capital of Hokkaido - the city of Sapporo
2h 10m
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Flight Rules: IFR
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Start your flight in summer season, early in the morning. I recommend to set the weather to "few clouds" and to fly around 5000 ft.

  • As we leave Okushiri we fly towards a mountain ridge and a small JSDAF Airbase
  • Crossing the bay of Uchiura towards Toyako and the lake Touya
  • Continuing around Mount Youtei and towards another village in an ancient caldera, Akaigawa Sonritsu. Unfortunately the map quality there is really bad
  • Arriving at Sapporo - just in time for a good beer - a Sapporo Beer of course! With a nice BBQ!


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