South of Lesotho
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Small airports usually on top of hills or plateau. You can follow the river in canyons on several legs. Some airports are challenging, especially the very last one.
Uploaded By: SlimSegi
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 7
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The 97 NM ~1 hour route is as follows:

> FXMT Matabeng Store Airport

> 1) FXLK Lebakeng Airport (Touch-and-Go)

> 2) FXQN Qacha's Nek (Touch-and-Go)

> 3) FXSK Sekakes Airport (Touch-and-Go)

> 4) FXNK Nkaus Airport (Touch-and-Go) - or full-stop if you would like to have a mid-way break

> 5) FXQA Qacha's Nek Airport (Touch-and-Go)

> 6) FXTH Thaba-Tseka Airport (Touch-and-Go)

> 7) FXSM Semonkong (Touch-and-Go)

> 8) FXME Matekane Airstrip (Full-Stop)

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