Dead man's chest
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A bit of island hopping in the search of Jack Sparrow's treasure. The flight plan is more what you'd call a 'guideline' than an actual rule...
1h 30m
Uploaded By: ColKlink
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 5
Downloads: 135

We are starting out in Le Lamentin (TFFF) and finish in Le Raizet (TFFR) with stop and searches in Canefield (TDCF), Le Saints (TFFS), Terre-De-Bas (TFTE), Marie Galante (TFFM) and Saint Francois (TFFC). We will have a closer look at La Caravel and Fort Napol. Remember not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. But if you were waiting for the opportune moment, this is it. Savvy?

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