Four Corners to Telluride, Colorado
Recommended Aircraft
Daher TBM 930 (or equivalent turbo > 330 KTAS)
Flight Summary
From the high plains of New Mexico past a National Treasure and landing at one of most scenic, public airports in Colorado.
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Flight Rules: VFR
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Starting in New Mexico, ascend to 7,400 feet as you fly along through the Navajo Nation up and past a 1,600 foot monadnock known as Shiprock. Once past Shiprock, ascend to 16,000 feet as you make your way up and through the Mesa Verde National Forest and into the San Juan Mountains. Telluride Regional lays in the valley as you cross the highest peak, turn to 277 degrees and follow the valley for 2 miles into KTEX; landing at Runway 27. Enjoy the Colorado air!

Flight Altitudes
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