Marble Canyon Race
This flight plan has not been rated.
Recommended Aircraft
ANY GA aircraft (the faster the better) > 200 KTAS Turbo and Small Jets (i.e. JSX-2, MB-339, VL-3) Accessable
Flight Summary
AZ03 to L41 The Marble Canyon Race from Cliff Dwellers Lodge to Marble Canyon in Arizona. Experience the twists and turns of this shallow, dry canyon High Speed Race and then over the emerald green Colorado River!
Uploaded By: ComicCrazy3
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 0
Downloads: 29

The Marble Canyon Race starts at AZ03 (Runway 04). Depart the runway heading and STAY LOW. Right after the runway, bank right to Heading 050 and then dip into the shallow, dry canyon through the deep split in the ground. Follow the canyon staying low and to the left. Soon, turn LEFT and race over the emerald green Colorado River's course to the Navajo Bridge (POI). Go UNDER the bridge and immediately, GO UP, LEFT and OUT of the canyon; U-Turning to heading 210, to land at L41 Marble Canyon. Last one to stop ON the new asphalt runway at any point past the windsock, wins!

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