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C 208 Caravan or similar
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A new year. We just defeated the remnants of the Crimson Jihad. Now it is time to chill out and have a relaxing flight to Klink's private island for a well deserved BBQ on the beach. We just have to make a view stops on the way...
1h 20m
Uploaded By: ColKlink
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 6
Downloads: 280

Today we are flying from Key West Intl (KEYW) to Cat Cay Airport (MYCC) with stops in Summerland Key Cove (FD51), The Florida Keys Marathon (KMTH), Travernaero Park (FA81), Mac's Field (78FD), Ocean Reef Club (07FA) and Ocean Cay Airport (MYBO). Don't worry. I'll be back...

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MYCC CAT CAY AIRPORT - MSFS Marketplace (Paid Add-on)
KEYW KEY WEST INTL. by FSDREMTEAM - MSFS Marketplace (Paid Add-on)
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