Tasmanian Devils
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C208 Caravan or similar performance
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Apparently Tasmania's water is so pure, it produces the only bottled rainwater approved by health departments around the world. All we know, when it comes to rude, baffling and hilarious place names, Tasmania has it all. There’s Eggs and Bacon Bay, Trousers Point, Penguin, Milkshake Hills, Stinkhole, Granny’s Gut, Awesome Wells, Satan’s Lair and yes, errm, Lovely Bottom...
1h 20m
Uploaded By: ColKlink
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 3
Downloads: 290

Today we have a lovely relaxing sightseeing tour from Hobart (YMHB) to Georgetown (YGTO), with stops in Lagoon Bay (YLAG), Friendly Beaches (YFRI) and Bridport (YBDP). While we are there we will have a look at the Tasman Bridge, the South Sister Lookout Antennae and yes, we shall pay close attentions to Batman's bridge. Careful with them Devils. Their jaws can crush your bones. Just saying...

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