Swabian Round-Robin
This flight plan has not been rated.
Recommended Aircraft
The flight has 226 miles and 9 landings. We want to cruise at about 120 knots, so any light and slow airplane is suitable.
Flight Summary
Today we make a tour around the German historical landscape of Swabia. The area is full of history and many old towns, cities, and buildings. We will see some of them during our flight.
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 9
Downloads: 178

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We depart from Heubach (EDTH), a small GA airfield a couple of miles northeast of Stuttgart. Just 6 miles southwest we overfly our first point of interest, Hohenrechberg Castle [WP1]. A few miles further is Donzdorf (EDPM), our first landing. We continue and cross over the higher terrain of the Swabian Alp and approach our next POI, Castle Teck [WP7]. Now we leave the higher area and turn southeast. The next landing is at Laichingen (EDPJ). We continue on that heading and overfly the old city of Ulm. Its cathedral, the Ulmer Muenster, has the highest steeple in the world (161 meters, 528 feet). The next landing will be at Illertissen (EDMI), a small glider field. Turning south we overfly the old town of Memmingen before reaching Unterzeil (EDNL), another small GA field. Memmingen was home to a former German Airforce Airbase, which is now a regional airport. Upon landing at Wildberg (EDYW) we reach the southernmost point of this flight. The small grass field is already close to Lake Constanz.

Nine miles north we reach Waldburg Castle [WP12] and continue to Bad Waldsee (EDJJ). The small town is home to an important German RV company with a large factory and a well-known camping museum. Next up is Saulgau (EDTU), another small GA field. Now we reach the city of Sigmaringen with its Hohenzollern Castle [14]. It is actually the first castle with that name on our tour, as the Hohenzollern family had two important branches and both build a “Hohenzollern Castle”. Before we reach the other Hohenzollern Castle we land at the Klippeneck (EDJU, the name meaning corner of the cliff), one of the most well-known glider fields in Germany. Now we reach the large and famous “real” Hohenzollern Castle [WP16], on top of a mountain, one of the most visited castles in Germany. A couple of turns around this castle are certainly recommended! Without a break, we reach the next POI, Castle Lichtenstein [WP17]. After some zig-zag over the Swabian Alp, we overfly the Hohenaurach Ruin [WP20] before arriving at Rossfeld (ED47). You want to land at RWY 07, the field has a noticeable slope!

We are almost done. Just one more POI, Hohenneuffen Castle [WP21], and we end this at flight at Stuttgart International (EDDS).

Flight Altitudes
Recommended Add-ons
Swabian Castles
EDTH Heubach Airport
EDNL Airfield Leutkirch
Bad Waldsee Reute - Airfield - EDJJ
EDYW Wildberg, Weissensberg
Rossfeld Scenery
Ulm - Germany
EDMI-Flugplatz Illertissen Ground
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