Caravans in the Caribbean - TFFM to TFFJ
Recommended Aircraft
Caravan 208b or anything that can cruise at around 150+ kts
Flight Summary
Warm up your Caravan 208b and set off for an unforgettable island hopping experiance in the Caribbean. Includes a landing at the worlds shortest commericial airport!
Uploaded By: Simhanger
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 6
Downloads: 726

Departing from Marie Galante climb to 1500' then head to overfly TFFC (St Francois) before planning a touch & go at Desirade (TFFA) runway 09. Back over the ocean to TAPA landing runway 25. After a short turn-around it is only a short hop to COCO (Cocoa Point Airstrip), dirt surface and fairly short - so plan you approach to runway 31 carefully. Then on to overfly TNCE and watch out for the volcano, before landing at the worlds shortest commercial airport Saba (TNCS) set against the side of a montain on this small island. Finally on to the famous St. Barthelemy (St. Barts- TFFJ) for the downhill landing runway 10.

Once you've recovered, grab yourself a cup of coffee, or perhaps something stronger from the cafe!

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