Ciudad Bolivar to Icabaru
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Fly through the beautiful National Park Gran Sabana to a still active gold rush village deep in the jungle. ......................................... WIKIPEDIA: "The location offers one of the most unusual landscapes in the world, with rivers, waterfalls and gorges, deep and vast valleys, impenetrable jungles and savannahs that host large numbers and varieties of plant species, a diverse fauna and the isolated table-top mesas locally known as tepuis" (
3h 30m
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You will start from Ciudad Bolivar nearby the river Orinoco. On the way to Icabarú you will pass a lot of very beautiful places of the national park Gran Sabana.

You will visit:

  • the Lake Guri, one of the world's largest reservoirs. With an output of up to 8.85 GW and an annual production of around 40 TWh of electricity, the power plant on the Guri Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world. In purely mathematical terms, it alone covers more than a third of Venezuela's national electricity consumption
  • Antabare, a very small airstrip at the camp Arekuna with a beautiful view over the river Caroni. Park your plane near the houses of the camp and enjoy that beautiful view. It's a real challenging airport. 21.07.2007 a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan plane was totally damaged, 17.02.2018 a Cessna U206 YU2026 crashed into a house
  • Canaima National Park with its beautiful beach, spectacular waterfalls and many Tepuis. In 1994, the Canaima National Park was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as a natural reserve that has abrupt relief special and unique around the world, the tepuis
  • Salto Angel, it is the world's tallest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 metres (3,212 ft)
  • Kavak, a nice tourist camp at the entrance to the Cueva de Kavak by the foot of the Auyán-Tepui
  • Kavanayén (airstrip Bolivar), an indigenous village inhabited mainly by the Pemóns and a famous mission station
  • the amazing plateau with the Aponwao Waterfall (see attached picture)
  • Santa Elena de Uairén, near the Brasilian border. Santa Elena is the starting point for trekking tours to the Roraima-Tepui. Roraima is 2810 m high, is located on the border triangle between Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana and is the highest table mountain off the world. If you want to visit it too, fly from Santa Elena de Uairén 38nm to NE
  • Icabarú, your final destination is an active gold rush village deep in the jungle. This dirty place exists only for all the gold diggers of the jungle around. Here they sells there diamantes and gold. After it, they spend their money for alcohol, bet on cockfights or they go into a bordello. Icabarú has two streets and a power plant that turns on at 6 pm and they turn it off at 11 pm. Only one house has TV and there you can rent a chair to watch TV. Icabarú has a lot of crime and it's really not a tourist place at all
  • the home of the indigenous people of Parkupik. As a bonus and extra challenge, starting from Icabarú airport, you can follow the illegal gold and diamond mines along the jungle creek Icabarú and land between the trees on the extreme narrow jungle runway of the indigenous people of Parkupik

Choose a small aircraft such as a Beachcraft Bonanza. A bigger aircraft is possible too, but then you can not land at the three challenging airstrips of Antabare, Kavac and the indigenous Parkupik people.

Take enough fuel with you, because the next gas station is in Santa Elena de Uairén. For the Bonanza, fill the tank at minimum to 75%. After it, before starting the engine, you can push back your plane by pressing the keys <shift> P. If you use the Bonanza don't forget to switch every 15 minutes between the left and right tank on the floor in front of your seat.

To enjoy the beautiful landscape and it's canyons, start from Ciudad Bolivar and climb to 2000ft. Behind the lake Guri climb slowly to 3000ft. After passing the Salto Angel directly climb with 800ft per minutes or more to 7000ft. After reaching the top of the Tepui sink with 1000ft per minutes to the altitude of 2500ft. Behind Kavac climb slowly to 5500ft. After Santa Elena de Uairén fly at the level of 4000 or 4500ft. If you do the bonus trip to the indigenous Parkupik people, after leaving Icabarú airport select the flight level of 3000ft.

There is no need to install any add-ons, but since you pass Canaima and Kavac, you can download for this two airports beautiful add-ons from (SVCN and SVUX).

From May to November is the rainy season in the Gran Sabana. Then, as long as you use the Real World Weather and don't switch to better weather, you will probably only see a little of the breathtaking landscape and maybe you can not land on any airport.

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