UK to Libya
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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (when released), the Top Gun 'Dark Star' for now.
Flight Summary
15/04/1986 - From RAF Mildenhall to Benghazi, Tripoli & back. The flight plan is from the book 'The Untouchables' by Brian Shul & Walter Watson Jr...
5h 42m
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Mach 3.5 Over Libya in an SR-71 Blackbird (


1. Take off from RAF Mildenhall (EGUN) -with 65,000Ibs of fuel-, climb to 25,000 feet/Mach 0.9 whilst over England...


2. Once past the English coast, meet up with a Tanker at Mach 0.7 & refuel -first of three.

Accelerate to Mach 3.0/71,000 feet, then cruise climb at 200 feet/minute...


3. Once past the Strait of Gibraltar, descend to refuel -second of three.

Climb/accelerate once again...


4. Accelerate to Mach 3.5+ with a 500 feet/minute climb 'to outran Surface to Air Missiles' within Libyan airspace - keep climbing providing speed continues to increase.

Once out of Libya, decelerate to Mach 3.0...


5. Before passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, descend to refuel -for the third & final time-.

Climb/accelerate once again...


6. Before crossing the English Coast, descend back to 25,000 feet/Mach 0.9 before returning back to RAF Mildenhall (EGUN).






*Most take off's were with 40,000 Ibs of fuel (1/2 a tank).


*Brake release to 78,000 feet/Mach 3.0 took less than 14 minutes.


*Air to air refueling took about 15 minutes...


*A typical descend/deceleration from 78,000 feet at Mach 3.0 down to 25,000 feet/Mach 0.9 took about 9 minutes.

The distance covered was 165NM. The Tanker would be 40NM ahead.

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