The Gripper Legacy
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C208 or similar performance
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When the men behind Treadstone and Black Briar learn of what GripperSim is up to, they're concerned how this will affect other ops... Apparently there are about 175 languages spoken in the Philippines and Filipinos are crazy about basketball! All we know is that Imelda Marcos had 3000 pairs of shoes...
1h 30m
Uploaded By: ColKlink
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 3
Downloads: 590

Today we are flying from Ninoy Aquino Intl (RPLL) to Aparri (Maura) Airport (RPUA) with stops in Binalonan (RPBI), Lepanto Mines Airstrip (RPNE) and Tuguegarao (RPUT). While we have to fly through a wee canyon, try to stay as low as you dare. The autopilot may know the way but may not be able to do every turn. So hand flying is recommended for this part of the flight... :)

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Tuguegarao Airport - RPUT
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