Arizona Sky
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TBM 930 or equvalent
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Apparently Arizona (except the Navajo Nation) does not observe Daylight Saving Time and the amount of copper in the state Capitol Building Arizona is equivalent to 4.8 million pennies. All we know is that cutting down a cactus in Arizona is a punishable offense and land you in jail for up to 25 years...
1h 20m
Uploaded By: ColKlink
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 4
Downloads: 522

Today we are flying from Marana Regl (KAVQ) to Sedona (KSEZ) with stops in Sky Ranch at Carefree (18AZ), Pine Airport (KPIN), Payson (KPAN) and Rimrock (48AZ). If you choose to fly low through the valleys do not trust the auto pilot or you may cut down one of those cacti...

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