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I propose this tour on the Italian Dolomites, starting from (LIBP) Bolzano and arriving in Dobbiaco (LIYT), passing through several spectacular Dolomite massifs. The first you meet is the Scilar group in the Castelrotto area (WP5), attention must already be at an altitude of 9000ft. continue in the Catinaccio group passing close to the Vajolet Towers, cross the whole group and head towards the Sasso Piatto and Sasso Lungo, (WP19-23) Then turn left towards the Sella group passing through the Pordoi Pass (WP27) to admire the Piz Boè at 3152mt. (WP34). Long ride to meet the Marmolada glacier (WP37) you can see the arrival stations of the cable car. Continue to fly over the majestic Civetta (WP47) continuing towards the Pelmo (WP50), and off to fly over Auronzo di Cadore and head into the 3 Cime di Lavaredo basin, (WP61-69) approach from the east and then make a semicircle admiring them to the left of the cabin, a landing is recommended to better admire them. The journey ends with the approach to Dobbiaco airport through the 3 Peaks Natural Park. It is advisable to take this flight in the afternoon to arrive at the 3 Cime di Lavaredo at sunset where the reflection of the sun colors them with the orange-red typical of this massif, I add that the ideal aircraft is the helicopter. To be fair the simulator does not return i 100% the splendor and details of those landscapes, but if you haven't seen them in real life…. Good flight

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