Vancouver Island: CYCD to CYPW-- "Landing, and "Watering"
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Recommended Aircraft
aircraft with floats, C172 amphibian, Kodiac with floats
Flight Summary
Can you "land" on a water runway? Shouldn't you "water" on a water runway? This flight plan includes a variety of land runways and water runways. So, let's "water" on water runways, and "land" on land runways. We begin at Nanaimo (CYCD), then with stops at Nanaimo Harbor (CAC8), Qualicum Beach (CAT4), Alberni Valley Regional (CBS8), Courtenay (CAH3), Campbell River Seaplane Base (CAE3), Stuart Island Airstrip (CYCM), and concluding at Powell River (CYPW). Happy landings--or "waterings"!?
1h 40m
Uploaded By: FloridaFarfalla
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 6
Downloads: 60

Vancouver Island is the place for lots of water runways, and small land airfields. You will need to remember if your gear is set for a water landing or a paved runway.

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