World Tour Part 1: England
Recommended Aircraft
TBM 930 or similar performance
Flight Summary
We starting our world tour from our home in Ireland. Apparently jelly eels were a popular dish in England, which might be gross to us, but the English just love it. You may want to try for yourself. All we know is that the monarch owns all the swans on the Thames.
Uploaded By: ColKlink
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 1
Downloads: 479

Today we are flying from Newcastle Aerodrome (EINC) to Land s End Airport (EGHC) with a wee stop in St Mary's (EGHE) Be careful sending your postcard. It is a criminal offense to stick on a postage stamp upside down in England

Flight Altitudes
Recommended Add-ons
Newcastle Aerodrome EINC
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