Hannibal's Trail to Cross the Alps (LFMV to LIMF)
This flight plan has not been rated.
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single engine, fast and maneuverable, TBM930 or similar
Flight Summary
This flight plan follows a path that Hannibal may have used to cross the Alps.
1h 20m
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Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 3
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Hannibal crossed the Alps in 218 BC. There are several theories about which route he took.  This flight plan follows a route based on recent research. 

We begin at Avignon, Caumont (LFMV). Then, we follow the Rhone river north, then follow the Drome river east.  

We have stops at Aubernasson (LFJF), St. Etienne en Devoluy (LFNY), Mont Dauphin- St. Crepin (LFNC) After we arrive in Italy, we land at Turin, Caselle (LIMF).

Hannibal's objective was Rome, but we've reached our objective for now.  Rome waits for another day. 

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