The Chignik Lagoon Air Race (Sponsored by Chignik Fisheries)
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Recommended Aircraft
JMB Aircraft & GotGravel Vertigo (or equivalent racer of 200 kts or better)
Flight Summary
A fast, five minute, 23 NM clockwise loop around Chignik Lagoon in Alaska. A popular, multi-lap air-race held annually in September.
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Flight Rules: VFR
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1. Start/Finish Line 2. Fly the runway heading over the island 3. Continue along the left bank of the lagoon and up to the airport. 4. Upon reaching the end of the runway, bank RIGHT and continue up the opposite side of the lagoon 5. follow the shoreline all the way down (North, Northeast) 6. Just before the thin island, bank RIGHT and hug the shoreline 7. Follow the shoreline up and back to the Start/Finish Line. Good Luck from all of us at Chignik Fisheries (sponsor of the Chignik Lagoon Air Race)

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