World Tour Part 10: Ukraine - Slava Ukraini
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Apparently the Ukrainian President is a comedian and says NO to Russian architecture. Ukraine is a land of castles, fortresses, domes churches, ancient cities and a magnificent culture. All we know though is that they build the heaviest aircraft EVER! The unique Antonov An-225 Mriya was built in Kiev. Weighing in at 285,000 kg empty with a wingspan of 88.4 meter...
1h 20m
Uploaded By: ColKlink
Flight Rules: VFR
Stops: 4
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Today we continue our tour from Lublin (EPLB) to L Viv (UKLL) with stops in Turijsk (UKTU), Antonov (UKKM) the home of the An-225, Boryspil' (UKBB) and Iziaslav (UKIZ). Some smaller strips may be a little challenge for the aircraft of choice today ;-)

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