World Tour Part 12: Hungary & Slovenia
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Apparently Hungarians write their last name first and first name last and the oldest wheel ever excavated, Ljubljana Marshes Wheel belongs to Slovenia. Radiocarbon dating shows it to be 5000+ years old. All we know is that Slovenia is famous for its own patented brand of beautiful white show horses. 425 years old Lipica Horse farm, located in Slovenia breeds its own unique white horse that’s found nowhere else.
1h 30m
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Flight Rules: VFR
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We continue our tour and fly from Raznany (LZRY) to Ljubljana (LJLJ) with stops in Sirkovce (LZRV), Liszt Ferenc (LHBP), Zalakaros (LHZK) and Sostanj (LJSO) And just to make it easier, Ljubljana is pronounced lub-lee-yana...

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